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Projeto Global 01

Postado em: 09 de Agosto de 2017 por Rotary Club de Blumenau - Fortaleza


Dear Rotary Fellows, Our Blumenau-Fortaleza Rotary Club, District 4650 in Santa Catarina, Brazil, was founded in 2004 and has never made a global grant project. I am currently President of Public Image and was granted the presidency of the Rotary Foundation in 2017-18, with the goal of implementing a project between countries, seeking a Partner Club and with synergy to jointly carry out an international project.
Our Club has large projects in the avenues of education, where we attend about 40 schools among other institutions (health, education, sport). Last project we made the donation of R $ 137,000 in projects and the donation to the Rotary Foundation of U$ 6,000.00.
I am available to Rotary clubs interested in partnering with us to create a permanent commission of global projects between countries.

Project Summary for Finding International Partners

Name of the Project: Cultural Broadcasting School Project
Project Type: Humanitarian Project, Rotary Foundation Global Grant
Club Responsible: Rotary Club of Blumenau-Fortaleza, city of Blumenau, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Project Location: Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Contact Home Venue: Vinícius Muzy, Rotary Foundation Club Committee Chair / Skype: viniciusmuzy
Area of Focus: Basic Education and Literacy

Brief Description:
The project aims to equip two public schools in the city of Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, with a computer laboratory, aiming at the digital inclusion of students of school age to improve the education and literacy of children, youth and adults.
It also seeks to involve communities in supporting programs that strengthen their capacity to provide basic education and literacy for all school-age students and reduce the gender disparity in education.
Provisional budget: US $ 36,903.50
Funding: Rotary Club of Blumenau-Fortaleza, District 4650, international partners and The Rotary Foundation

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